Commemorative Plaques

Commemorative Plaques are placed in memory of a person/persons or event, marking an association to a particular location.  They are a way to celebrate the … Read more…

The Hawthorns

The Hawthorns has been the home of West Bromwich Albion since 1900, the sixth ground to be used by the club.

Father George Spencer

Born at the Admiralty, into one of the wealthiest and noble families in England, The Hon. George Spencer (1799-1864), having completed his education at … Read more…

Oak House

The Oak House in one of the oldest building in the area, a half timbered yeoman farmer’s house built by 1630.

John Johnson Shaw

While on holiday on the Isle of Wight in 1896 he sought out famous geologist and earthquake expert, Professor John Milne (1880-1913), who had … Read more…

The West Bromwich Building Society Mural

The West Bromwich Building Society was originally founded on St George’s Day in 1849 by 20 local citizens with the aim of helping people to better themselves through savings and the security of owning their own homes